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Franchise opportunities: be a part of our success

We have franchise opportunities for qualified individuals in Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Singapore, China, Japan, Hong Kong and Indonesia.

For a complete overview of what's required to become a successful BAC franchisee, please take a look at each of the links below.

Could you be a successful BAC franchisee?


When you buy a franchise the franchisor grants you the rights to carry on his established business within a given area. That business has become successful because certain proven methods have been adopted and exacting standards have been consistently applied. Failure to follow these methods and to maintain these standards will inevitably lead to poor performance and to customer dissatisfaction. This means that although running your own business you must be ready to accept some degree of discipline in the way you operate your business.

Selling ability

Conventional sales skills or previous experience are not essential. What you will need is a commitment to interesting as many customers as possible in the benefits of your services so that you generate the maximum number of opportunities to quote for work. When you are following up enquiries you must be prepares to listen and to respond effectively to what your customer tells you they need.


Although being part of a successful operation will give you a tremendous advantage during the initial start-up period, you have to realize that to participate in that success requires total commitment on your part. You will need to work hard sometimes during un-sociable hours in order to win customers and to generate business. BAC will be tremendously rewarding but it is not a hobby or a part time job.


A BAC franchise is a superb opportunity to run your own business with support from a franchisor. Take advantage of our experience, support and reputation. Use your imagination and ambition to develop your area into a thriving, profitable operation building your capital and securing your future.